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A lot of people believe that Tehran is not a historical place and does not have many attractions. Below is a list of the important attractions of Tehran.

Isfahan is on the alluvial plain of Zayanderud (the largest river in the center of Iran). It is one of the cities that is said to be as old as the country Iran. Isfahan was usually among the biggest cities of Iran throughout the history. Historians said that this city existed even before the Achenaed dynasty. This city used to be the capital of Iran for more than 900 years during Achaemenid and Sasanian Empires. Islamic army invaded Isfahan in 641 and from that time on the Islamic architecture started to grow there. This city was in its most magnificence and magnitude during Shah Abbas I's rule. He chose Isfahan as the capital and built a lot of marvelous buildings in it. Since that time, Isfahan has been dubbed "Nesf-e-Jahan" (Half of the world). At the end of the Safavieh dynasty, Afghans attacked the city and massacre the people. And after that Isfahan was ruined at the end of Qajar dynasty. Zell-e Soltan, Naser al-Din Shah's son, demolished many of its buildings and used the materials to build his own famous palace, called Zell-e Soltan Palace, in Tehran.

Kerman is a strange city located in a desert on Iranshahr Mountains. Kerman is Iran's third highest city and has a hot dry temperature. But a cool breeze usually blows and in the summer the heat is not intolerable. Kerman has historical attractions and it's suitable for a 4-5 day trips.