Monarjonban (shaking Minarets)

Monarjonban is Abu Abdollah's tomb which was built in 1316. Because of the ratio between the height and width of the minarets, if one minaret is shaken, the other will shake as well.

Chahar Bagh School

This school is one of the most famous historical schools in Isfahan which was built by Shah Soltan Hossein in 1706-1714 and it is the last masterwork in Safavieh’s architecture era. Near this school there's is a Bazar called Shahi.

Imam Mosque Isfahan

This mosque, formerly called Shah Mosque or Soltani Mosque, was built by Shah Abbas Kabir in 1612-1631. From the architectural point of view, its tile works, great dome, and minarets are masterstrokes of 17th century. The dome is 54 meters and the minarets are 52 meters high.

Naghsh-e Jahan Square

This rectangle square in Isfahan is surrounded by other historical places, namely, Alighapoo, Abbasi mosque, and Shekh Lotfollah Mosque . It is 507 m long and 158 m wide. During Timurid dynasty it used to be smaller, but they expanded it at Shah Abbas I time.

Takhte Soleyman

Takht-e Soleyman is a vast historical area near Tokkab and Takht-e Soleyman Village in West Azerbaijan Province.During Sasani dynasty, Iranian had three main fire temples.

The Dome of Soltaniyeh

The Dome of Soltaniyeh, the world’s biggest dome made of bricks, where Öljaitü is buried. It was built from 1923 to 1933 in Soltaniyeh and it is one of the well-known representations of Persian and Islamic architecture.

Bisotun Inscription

Bisotun Inscription is remained from Achaemenian and is located on Behistun hillside in Hersin, 30 km form Kermanshah. This inscription is one the world's famous documents explaining and picturing the victory of Darius the Great over Gaumata.

Because of the dome shaped structure of this bazaar, it is always cool and enjoyable and it has many different sections each of which is built during different king's rule. It is extended from Arg Square to Moshtaghieh Square and it is considered as the longest Bazaar in Iran.

Bazaar of Coppersmiths is one of the major attractions and it was famous for the melody of hammering coppers.  However, unfortunately this section producing copperware has been moved to the suburban area.

Barajin Forest Park (Fadak Forest Park) is located in Qazvin. It is 1500 hectares and is considered as the biggest forest park in Iran. Mardomo Peak, Arnazak River, and a view over Qazvin are its outstanding characteristics.

Shah Nematollah Vali Dome

Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine is located 15 km form southeast of Kerman, Mahan. A scholar from Netherland, Winst Carls, found out that the dome of this shrine is surprisingly divided into 11 equal parts.

Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin)

Fin Garden is listed as UNESCO's World Heritage list. What is unique about this garden is its complicated watering system. It was fed from a spring called Soleymanieh on a hillside behind the garden.

Hormoz Island Beauties

Hormoz island an oval shaped island and was originally a salt dome with sedimentary and volcanic strata. It is only 42 square kilometers but it is spectacular. Hormoz Island is famous for its beautiful wilderness.

This Forest park is located 16 km from Amol in Haraz Road. This dense forest has marvelous paths and it is one of the biggest forests in the middle-east. Besides, Haraz River has made this forest even more beautiful.

Chaldareh Forest Park is located on the west of Mazandaran Province, 18 km from Tonekabon- Dohezar Road. This area consists of rivers, villages and rice fields.