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Tehran plane Shiraz car Nomad car Eghlid car Caravanserai Zein-o-din car Yazd car Isfahan car Abiyaneh car Kashan

Welcome to the unknown world of Iran. You have to travel to Iran to be truly fascinated by the beauty of this country. While traveling around Iran you will discover the refined Islamic cities, colorful bazaars, ancient Persian wreckage, intriguing nomads and shimmering deserts. You will feel the Persian hospitality and kindness whether you're relaxing in a teahouse in Tehran, enjoying guided tours of ancient cultural sites or baking bread with nomads on the hard plateaus of Iran. The profound beauty of Iran is attention-grabbing.

Highlights: Taste home-made Iranian food, Explore the Iranian plateau, Walk down the busy streets of Tehran, Spend a night with a nomad family, Wonder about the lives of the ones once lived in Persepolis, Admire the true beauty of Isfahan, Learn about the lives of the Silk Road traders.

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Day 1 Tehran
Travel to Tehran and wander around this busy city. Go through the numerous bazaars and then walk along the streets to get to Golestan Palace. The terraces made of marbles, artistic master pieces and glided mirrors show the power and influence of the Qajar rulers.
Day 2-3 Shiraz
Visit Persepolis, the ancient ceremonial capital of Iran, on a guided tour. Also experience the richness of Iranian culture in a traditional teahouse.
Day 4 nomad stay
Stay the night over in the communal tents of the local nomads.
Day 5 Eghlid
A visit to the town of Eghlid, placed between a desert and a mountain, is planned.
Day 6 Caravanserai Zein-o-din
An overnight stay in a classic caravanserai will give you a view of the life of Silk Road merchants. The caravanserai is located in the desolated Dasht-e-Lut desert. This place has changed a little since the 16th century.
Day 7-8 Yazd
A visit to Yazd, the ancient city of wind-catchers is planned. We will visit the sacred Zoroastrian Fire Temple located in Yazd.
Day 9-10 Isfahan
Learn about the extraordinary history of Isfahan. You will explore the Tree-lined Boulevards and atmospheric bazaars of Isfahan, also known as the jewel of ancient Persia. You have a chance to watch the sunset over the dome of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. The tiles of the beautiful masque shimmer from cream to all shades of pink.
Day 11 Abiyaneh
Travel to Abiyaneh, a red-rock town and observe its complex artichecture.
Day 12 Kashan
Visit traditional houses and try Khoresht, a kind of Persian stew, on a visit to a local family's house.
Day 13-14 Tehran
Visit the shrine of Imam Khomeini on the way back to Tehran. A visit to a lively teahouse is a perfect finish to an unforgettable Iranian adventure.


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